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Great Leap Forward


"Don't go to the cinema, don't stay in and watch TV, GO AND SEE JUMP!"
The Guardian

JUMP is an adrenaline-packed display of Tae-kwon-do, jaw-dropping flips, dazzling acrobatics and sword fights... crossed with hilarious comedy - in a show which promises to be the most entertaining thing you've seen all year!

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Imagine Jackie Chan meets the Waltons in this hilarious blend of martial arts, acrobatics, slapstick comedy and good old family values.

Meet your new nightmare neighbours: the family from JUMP have swapped their dustpans and brushes for swords and nunchakus - and they're ready to do battle, Tae-kwon-do style.
Each is a martial arts hotshot, from the hard as nails grandfather to the karate-chopping mother - so when two cheeky burglars decide to pay a visit - you can imagine the consequences...

This show has received rave reviews everywhere it has been seen. With up to 8 companies worldwide, after 3 successful runs at London's Peacock Theatre, a sell out run at the  Edinburgh Fringe Festival and with the show running in New York at the Union Square Theatre, JUMP is truly multi-national entertainment.

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Evening Standard
""Did I say five stars? Make it FIFTY!""
""JAW-DROPPING! Will leave you jumping up and down with delight.""
Time Out New York
""I laughed my nunchakus off the entire time.""
The Times
""Inject a supersonic shot of Jackie Chan slapstick in a live action Tae-kwon-do version of the The Incredibles, then add Matrix slow-motion flourishes. A HIT IS EXACTLY WHAT JUMP IS.""