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Great Leap Forward

Burn the Floor

In July 2009, three days after the tenth anniversary of the first ever show in Bournemouth, Burn the Floor opened on Broadway. One year after that, the show opened on London's West End.

Having toured 160 cities over 30 countries, Brun the Floor remains focussed on its origins, which is personified in its dancers. Their passion, personality, love of dance and its history defines the show.

about production

The ballroom dancing the world recognizes today is competitive ballroom dance, sometimes known as dancesport. It is comprised of ten dances, which can all be danced in “closed ballroom” hold. The style danced in BURN THE FLOOR is called “international style” and has been danced in competition since 1920. International style ballroom dance consists of ten dances, split into five Latin American dances and five ballroom dances (standard).

Each BURN THE FLOOR dancer has spent a lifetime training to compete against other dance couples. This show allows the dancers to demonstrate their love and passion for their art.



The Times
"A recent stint on Broadway drew rave reviews and here it is in the West End ready to claim status as the summer's hottest dance ticket…a Latin-flavored, high octane ballroom dance spectacle—an unabashedly commercial sensation…two dozen international championship dancers whose rapacious energy could easily reduce this theatre to ashes. They dance like maniacs, fully earning their standing ovation…jaw-droppingly athletic with a sparky, versatile cast…this show converted me into an adrenaline junkie…Gilkinson and Co. keep surpassing themselves. An unabashedly commercial sensation."
Chicago Stage Review
"BURN THE FLOOR is two hours of magnificent dancing, period. (...) DO NOT MISS this dance marathon of extraordinary entertainment."
Daily Express
"Irresistible…loved every minute!"
News of the World
"A sizzling hot dance spectacular"
London Evening Standard
"Don’t think twice—JUST GO"
San Diego Union - Tribune
"BURN THE FLOOR performers leave audience in embers. Lithe, powerhouse bodies pour out energy, seamlessly shifting from pelvic-swiveling Latin styles to elegant waltzes to driving quicksteps and jives."
Chicago Sun-Times
"Smoldering. Sinuous. Sexy. Rhythmically propulsive. Impossibly synchronous. Eye-popping. Endlessly seductive. Impressively varied. Defying the bounds of human movement. I could go on... Highly recommended"
Chicago Tribune
" ...zest, heart and consummate professionalism"