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Great Leap Forward

Balé de Rua

Direct from a sell-out Paris season and a UK triumph in Edinburgh, Brazilian dance and percussion Balé de Rua begins its world tour. Featuring and exhilarating blend of Capoeira, hip hop and original music, this street ballet will have you dancing in the aisles. Tracing the rhythm from Brazil’s African roots through to modern day fusion, don’t miss this exciting and energetic Brazilian company.

about production

Since it was discovered at the Biennale de la Danse in Lyon in 2002, Balé de Rua (Street Ballet of Brazil) has had several successful tours of Europe, including 7 weeks at the Mogador and Trianon theatres in Paris in 2006 and 2008, and 4 weeks in Edinburgh.

Derived from hip hop, street dance, Capoeira and Samba, Balé de Rua is also influenced by the African roots and daily life of the dancers, most of whom have survived by doing odd jobs in the favelas.

With original music composed by the group with Vincent Artaud, Pedro Ferreira and Nana Vasconcelos, in addition to well-known Brazilian melodies, the dancers have created a blaze of percussion. They deliver their message of hope and joy through the choreography of Marco Antônio Garcia. In this eponymous show, created in collaboration with the French director Paul Desveaux, Balé de Rua tells the story of a group from the working class districts of the city of Minas Gerais in Uberlandia – the tale of friends who paint the world anew, in glorious technicolour, thanks to the magic of dreams and dance, a world in the image of Brazil.

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TELERAMA (January 16th 08)
"Here is a ballet that radiates Brazil at its best and most brilliant, as well as at its roughest and most mysterious"
LE PARISIEN (January 22nd 08)
"From the beginning, the mood is set. Boisterous percussion, raging dances, acrobatics, pure euphoria!"
LA TERRASSE (February 08)
"...a show that packs a punch…. an exultant audience, that is ready to samba between the seats"
LE MONDE (February 08)
"The story of Balé de Rua is one of resourcefulness and passion, of a few dancers fascinated by hip hop but proud of their roots. ...the new Brazilian scene"